2023 Achievements

Follow us Summary Competed in a total of 36 competitions with 31 Wins and 5x 2nd Place. From 31 Wins, Wai Ching successfully achieved 22 Course Records and 15 PBs (21 Competitions were First-time competition for Wai Ching). Podium: 100% | Winning Rate: 31/36*100% = 86.11% | Course Record: 22/31*100% = 70.96% 21x Competitions were … Read more


Part 6: Towerrunning competition in Guizhou at Sofitel Hotel on 23rd September 2023 with New Course Record It was a long journey for me to reach Guiyang due to long transit of up to 5 hours 5 min at Xiamen Airport taking Xiamen Airline from Kuala Lumpur to Xiamen, then Xiamen to Guiyang. I received … Read more


Part 4 Begin…  2nd Edition of Varso Tower Run 2023 *120 Points Race in Towerrunning Tour 2023 Calendar *Tallest Building in European Union Title: Wai Ching achieved his goal time of Sub 7 minutes (6:48.36 min) winning 2nd place at Varso Tower Run 2023 (Event Link: https://wbiegnijnavarso.pl/).   Ryoji Watanabe from Japan won the 1st … Read more

Wai Ching’s Last Quarter of 2023! (Part Three)

Part 3 Begin: 2nd Race after the AJ Bell Great North Run in Europe – 2nd Edition of Varso Tower Run On Saturday, 16th September, I will be taking part in Varso Tower Run 2023 (2nd Edition), which required all the participants to run up a total of 53 Floors, 1382 Steps with an elevation gain … Read more

Wai Ching’s Last Quarter of 2023!

1st Chapter in September (Half Marathon + 120 Points Towerrunning Competition) This is going to be my 3rd time taking part in Great North Run since 2021. I am glad to be invited by the Great Run to be one of the Men’s Elite. Link here: https://www.greatrun.org/one-mo-time-sir-mo-farah-lines-up-alongside-a-competitive-field-at-the-aj-bell-great-north-run/ My previous Great North Run results were the … Read more