Known as the Greatest Towerrunner of All Time!

Here is a drone shoot of me doing a โ€œ50 Floors Time Trialโ€ on a standard staircase of 9 steps by 9 steps stairs (18 steps per floor).

Ever wondered how a towerrunner run ๐Ÿ†™? Here is a great video to see it!

Course Profile: 50 Floors, 900 Steps, 140m Elevation Gain. About 15.56 cm per step.

Thanks to Tyler Chong for shooting and editing this!

A voice over by me on describing the time trialโ€ฆ

I was aiming for a 4:20 min and I am glad to achieved a 4:17 min!

I believe that I will be able to improve it and I will be aiming for a Sub 4:15 min next round.

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